Our Most Popular Trip Destinations

At a glance

  • Canoeing/Kayaking

    Single day or multi-day paddling over water. Often involves camping in the back country, navigating moving water, fishing, and other fun bush-craft activities such as shelter building. We also offer Paddle Canada certification. Follow this link to: register for a canoe course now!
  • Hiking/Scrambling

    Scrambling is ascending a non-technical mountain with the summit as the end goal. Scrambling can usually involve negotiating lower angle rock, traveling through talus and scree but does not involve traveling on extremely steep slopes or on glaciers.
  • Winter Travel

    With the added element of cold weather and shorter days, winter travel and camping can be far more difficult than equivalent trips in the summer. But this makes for a rewarding experience. Winter travel includes snow-shoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, ice fishing, building quinzhee's, and other bushcraft type activities.
  • Climbing/Repelling

    Climbing is a difficult skill to learn, but it is also highly addictive. We practice climbing indoors and outdoors and we always ensure that safety for our participants is number one priority.
  • Bushcraft

    Bushcraft is about learning and practicing the skills and knowledge to survive in the outdoors. Examples include: fire building, navigation, shelter building, making bows and arrows, etc.


Gr 8/9 Teacher - Harvest City High School

"I have had nothing but great feedback from my students regarding their experience.  Some of the girls really felt like it helped them feel more independent and successful- especially the climb up the hill.  Even some of them who were reluctant to go found that they had a great time... I appreciated the preparation that you put into the trip.  As a teacher, it was easy to plan and I felt that you guys did a great job with leading the trip."

Youth Care Worker (Fort Quappelle Friendship Centre)

Our day of snowshoeing was really hard, but really worth it. Our kids had a blast.

Reed, C (High School Teacher)

"The instructors level of planning and preparedness was impressive and it made for the smoothest out trip i have ever witnessed; he expertly guided us through fast moving water and helped us achieve tasks that we would not have been able to do on our own" "I cannot think of a better and more enjoyable way to achieve the outcomes that the Queen City Escapes program did, and cannot recommend it highly enough"

Anonymous (Grade 12 Student)

"I learned how to orientate a map, and how to work my way up a hill"

Betcher, J. (Grade 12 Student)

"I learned about navigation and leadership, and I got to be outside a ton in a great and encouraging environment. The Program Director was all around awesome. He integrated fun into the classes so we could enjoy the learning"  

Criddle, N. (Grade 10 Student)

"The classroom sessions were valuable because i learned how to cope with others personalities and use teamwork effectively"